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Clare Griffin is the owner of Mountain Gate Holistics.




Clare has always had a fascination with the human body how it works and how what we put into our body and how we treat our bodies is a direct expression of how we feel in our skins. She studied Nutrition for 4 years and then set off to see the world, albeit for just one year but the wind took hold of her, carried her, and whisked her through mountains, deserts and golden shores for 8 years.


She started to practice yoga while travelling as she found it gave her a sense of stability and familiarity no matter where she was and it was the moments of solace and complete serenity that then became my home wherever I was. Her Passion for Yoga and the joy it brings then brought her to Colombia in 2014 to complete her first Yoga Training in Tantric Hatha Yoga with Agama Yoga.


The passion and curiosity grew within her and she ventured to India. There she completed a further 200hr in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at Kranti Yoga in Goa and then another 200hr in Tantric Hatha Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram. These two schools of Yoga have very different approaches to attain the same goal and Clare tries to incorporate both aspects into each class.


It was in the Shri Kali Ashram where Clare really started to see the benefits of massage. Each morning before we did our morning yoga practice we would each give and receive a walking massage in order to open up through the energy channels to allow the energy created and moved in the practice to flow freely. After she left the Ashram she began to study more and more massage in India with different teachers. When Clare moved back to Ireland in 2019 she enrolled in the Holistic Health course in O’ Fiach college Dundalk to study Massage, Reflexology and Reiki full time for 1 year. Here the passion grew and she knew it was something she needed to share with whoever may need it.


It is her joy and passion to take people into the space she has created for the stresses and the worries of the world we may put onto ourselves to dissolve and for us to peel back to our true selves.


Come and see the magic for yourself!